Our Design-Build Process

Breaking the traditional method of awarding separate contracts for design and construction, we work together as a one team to build a project that exceeds the owners expectations.
The Process

What’s different about design-build vs the traditional design-bid-build method?

Design-Build Flow
Traditional Design-Bid-Build Flow

What problem does Design-Build solve?

How we use the design-build method to make your construction project run smoothly and at maxximum efficiency.
With the traditional method, owners must manage two (or more) separate contracts in which the owner becomes the middleman, settling disputes between the designer and the contractor. This fosters an adversarial relationship between the parties, which the owner must mediate.
This is not ideal. With the design-build method, the owner needs only to manage a single contractor with the contractor, who forms a team with the designer and manages all subcontractors.
Together, they work with the owner to develop the project's goals, budget, and construction schedule. Everyone on the design-build team is focused on the end product rather than creating turf wars.

The 5 Phases of Design-Build

There are essentially five phases involved in the design-build process, and while this may sound like a lot of steps for a simplified process, it’s important to understand that the phases often overlap. Other construction methods often consist of several steps, which are typically performed by separate entities, and upon completion of the previous. The design-build process is much more fluid. Each member of the design-build team works together during each step of the process to help move things along more quickly and more smoothly.
Choosing a Design-Build Team
Architectural Design

The Benefits of Design-Build

Cost Savings
Leadership in both design and construction ensures cost savings through the prudent use of materials, cost-efficient construction processes and reduced labor costs.
Shorter Timeframes
Components of the project, such as site preparation and foundation work, can take place while more detailed designs are being completed.
Healthy Relationships
Because the owner, architect and builder work together as a team, emphasis is placed on harmony and combined solutions.
Since the project is more efficient and construction can actually begin before the final designs are completed, owners can occupy their facilities sooner.

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